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MDX interface/MDX processor

Features of MDX processing, MDX statement logic, MDX tracing and MDX troubleshooting are discussed. In the following its normally necessary that you are already familiar with the content of the online documentation, please see link below. Since there are also lots of good SAP notes/KBAs to many of the most important features we tried to point to them in the text whenever reasonable. A comprehensive list of them is given below.


SAP Online Documentation MDX as Basis for the Interfaces

Microsoft reference: Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) - Reference


Guidelines for Error Analysis

Use the Guided Answers (decision tree) for troubleshooting:

Please follow the instructions of notes:

  • 1272044 Analyzing MDX problems
  • 1381821 Memory and Performance Analysis for MDX
  • 1412800 MDX and BW authorizations
  • 1628813 Analyzing problems with SAP BW OLE DB Provider in Excel
  • 1995588 MDX: Problems calling the MDX parser

SAP Consulting Notes at a glance:

Check out if you know all of them:

Top 10: all of them highly recommended
  • 1769369 Consulting note for external hierarchies and authorizations
  • 1576508 MDX: Overview of the MDX-specific RSADMIN parameters
  • 1574725 MDX: Consulting note for external hierarchies
  • 1572018 MDX: Execution types in transaction MDXTEST - BW 7.00-7.11
  • 1530858 MDX: Runtimes are long when the member rowset is determined
  • 1526045 MDX: Non-unique hierarchies, link nodes, and structures
  • 1521799 MDX: Structures and non empty
  • 1253646 MDX: Handling link nodes
  • 1166733 MDX: Handling interval limits in the MDX
  • 834196 Time dependency in MDX
MDX Restrictions and Corrections

Find an overview of Bex features ignored or not supported by the MDX interface:

SAP coding corrections are delivered by SAP note corrections and support packages. New corrections are listed in the composite notes:

  • 1446246   MDX: Composite SAP Note for flattening API based on basXML
  • 1156101   MDX: Composite SAP note for incorrect data
  • 1142664   MDX: Composite SAP note about performance improvem

Features / Topics



 SAP Support Troubleshooting Guideline