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General Information to MultiProviders and Pruning: see BW MultiProvider.

Query based on a HCPR which contains a SPO

The SPO(Semantically Partitioned Object) used in the HANA CompositeProvider is the same as in Example 3, it has the following three partitions:

  • 0calyear = 2014 
  • 0calyear = 2015 
  • 0calyear = 2016

The HCPR is based on the SPO and one Infocube and one DSO:

In the Query there is a restriction(soft filter, see Filter Values) regarding 0calyear which can be used for pruning

We run this query in RSRT and use the debug function 'Multiprovider Explain' in order to check the pruning

The messages

  • DBMAN 157: 1 InfoProvider(s) excluded because of pruning (filter = DYN)
  • DBMAN 155: InfoProvider STPE2302 excluded because of metadata restrictions
  • DBMAN 155: InfoProvider STPE2303 excluded because of metadata restrictions

contain some interesting information:

  • Two infoproviders were excluded, the names are STPE2302 and STPE2303
  • A soft/dynamic restriction was used for pruning

The partproviders(partition) STPE2302 and STPE2303 contain data for the year 2015 and 2016. Since there is the global (and soft) filter 0calyear=2014 in the query, the partitions 2015 and 2016  needn't to be accessed.

In case you check the runtime statistics, you can see as well that certain providers weren't accessed at all. Since the query is based on a HCPR, it uses by default the Trex/Hana API to retrieves the data from the data base. This means that the relevant information can be found at the tab 'Aggregation Layer Cluster Info':


As expected, only the partition STPE2301 was read.

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