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Query based on Multiprovider containing InfoCubes; RRKMULTIPROVHINT used

The multiprovider has two partproviders (InfoCubes)

  • STPE2013: has data until 2013
  • STPE2016: has data from 2014 to 2016

In RRKMULTIPROVHINT the time charcteristic 0calyear is maintained:

The query has a hard filter and a soft filter (see Filter Values) regarding the characteristc used in RRKMULTIPROVHINT:

We run this query in RSRT and use the debug function Multiprovider Explain in oder to check the pruning

the messages

  • DBMAN 157: 1 InfoProvider(s) excluded because of pruning (filter = DYN)
  • DBMAN 155: InfoProvider STPE2016 excluded because of pruning based on posted data

The hard/static filter didn't lead to pruning, the soft/dynamic restriction excluded the infocube STPE2016.



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