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Zero suppression is an operation on the result set similar to a condition. It causes rows and/or columns with zero values ('mathematical' zeros and so called NULL values: cells where no booked values exist - see Zero and Null Values)  to be hidden. Please note that

Error values such as DIV0, OVERFLOW or ERROR cannot be suppressed

There are old BW releases where error values were taken into account by the zero suppression. As of BW73 this isn't the case any more. If you want to have such 'error values' suppressed please use the operator NOERR (or NDIV0) - see also Formula Calculation and Special Values and Data Functions.


You can choose between the following two variants:

Active: With this setting, the system checks for zero values in the results area(yellow result lines) and hides any rows or columns containing zero values. Hence, in case the result lines are hidden, this type of zero suppression is not applied. See Example I.

Active (All Values = 0): With this setting, the system only hides rows or columns that contain just zero values(see examples below).

ActiveActive (All Values = 0)

In addition we have the setting 'Structure as Group' which is assigned to a query structure:

If this feature is active, a row or column is only hidden when all corresponding structure elements are zero. See Example III.

RSADMIN Parameters

With SAP Note 1686983 (BW73 SP8) the result set operations (zero suppression, local calculations: see OLAP Core Topics) have been re-implemented (in ABAP) to harmonize the behavior of the different OLAP based frontend applications. There exists a parameter("RS_USE_RESULT_OPS") to allow to switch between the implementations, see note 2069001 'BICS: Global switch for result set operations'. This parameter does not exits on BW/4HANA systems, there always the new implementation is used.

In case an active hierarchy is used in the query, the RSADMIN parameter NOSUPPRESS_COLLAPSED_NODES controls the suppression of nodes with the value zero. See 2017482 Zero value nodes with non-zero value subnodes are suppressed

Planning Query: when the query runs in the BI Java Web runtime, there is the RSADMIN parameter ZERO_SUPPRESSION_ON_INPUTCELLS which can be used to control the zero suppression regarding input ready cells. See SAP Note 1126478.

Implemenations (ABAP/Java/AfO)

The frontend tool decides whether the ABAP implementation or a frontend specific implementation is used to carry out the zero suppression. E.g. when the query is executed in the BI Java Web runtime, the ABAP implementation is only used for the variant Active (see Zero Suppression in Java Runtime). In general, if the zero suppression is done in the frontend, a higher data volume is transferred to the frontend application which may lead to performance or memory issues. See also 1127156 'Safety belt: Result set is too large'


SAP Online Documentation

Suppression of Zero Rows and Columns

SAP Consulting Notes

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  • 2069001  BICS: Global switch for result set operations (RSADMIN parameter "RS_USE_RESULT_OPS")
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