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Constant Selection

SAP Online Documentation

SAP Consulting Notes

  • 944815  Problems with 'Constant selection'
  • 1732026 Understand the result for key figures using 'Constant Selection'
  • 1924842  Constant Selection & Overall Results
  • 1583842  Constant Selection Append used as an outer join (CSA)
  • 1951436 How to use feature 'Constant Selection' instead of functions such as SUMCT or %CT

Important to know

  • There is one major consulting note where this feature Constant Selection CS is explained in detail: SAP note 944815!
  • AS explained in this note, it actually would make sense to call the  feature 'Constant selection' something like 'Dominant Selection' since a constant selection means that the system does not apply any other selections to the corresponding cell regarding the corresponding characteristic.
  • Technically the query is split into two subqueries - one (Q_N) handles the structure elements without CS, the other one (Q_CS) the structure elements using the feature 'constant selection'. The query Q_N determines the grid spanned by the values of the drilled down characteristics, Q_CS does not have any impact on the grid. Hence structure elements with constant selection do not generate any additional objects in the drilldown! In other words, the characteristic values displayed (drilldown rows or columns) do not change if additional structure elements with constant selection are added. See the following simple Example I.
  • There are sample queries like 0D_FC_AE_CNSTSEL_Q001 which can be found in the SAP Demo Content. The queries can be shown/activated in the transaction RSFC -> Click Analytical Engine -> Click Constant Selection (The information button provides you deeper knowledge on all key figures of this query).
  • When a key figure with constant selection is part of a query result, the KIDSEL flag is ignored for all key figures without CS - it only has an effect on hidden key figures with CS(see Query Property: Use Selection of Structure Elements (also named KIDSEL) for further details to the feature KIDSEL). This may have an negative impact on the query performance since all key figures without CS are calculated although some of them might not be displayed(in the current navigation state). However, this guarantees a consistent result for the key figure with CS.

Simple Examples