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SAP Online Documentation:

Activating Virtual Time Hierarchies


CAUTION: You will find no virtual time hierarchy definition in RSD1 - Hierachy Tab (RSH1). Instead the time hierarchy defintion is taken from the maintained fiscal year variants in SPRO and from the time interval maintained in RSRHIERARCHYVIRT.

  • set the time interval time values will be generated for
  • activate the time hierarchies to be used
SPRO (Customizing)
  • fiscal year variant maintenance 
  • calendar year or year dependent
  • periods  to be maintained for year dependent variants

Important to know

  • For virtual time hierarchies the node 'Not assigned' (REST_H) is always set to suppressed. Thus, activating a virtual time hierarchy always works like a dynamic filter for all values contained in the virtual time hierarchy. 
  • Metadata and hierarchy information are buffered. In case of problems go to transaction RSRHIERARCHYVIRT and deactivate (double click) the hierarchy having a problem. Then save. Then reactivate (doubleclick) the hierarchy again. This will lead to recreation of the hierarchy buffer during the next query runtime where this query is used.

Sample: Activating Virtual Time Hierarchy

In this sample System the virtual time hierarchy for InfoObject 0FISCPER 0FYEAR_FPER_K4 has been activated in RSRHIERARCHYVIRT.

The time interval is set to 17.01.1990 - 13.06.2019 in RSRHIERARCHYVIRT.

The fiscal year variant K4 is set customized with 12 periods and 4 Special periods for the calendar year.


Now, for a sample InfoProvider you see the some sample data in 'flat'display without a hierarchy activated.

Some records to watch are highlighted. These records will disappear when the virtual time hierarchy is activated.

  • records for fiscal year variant other then K4: all records for 0FISCVARNT=RW
  • records for fiscal year/periods outside of  the interval maintained in RSRHIERARCHYVIRT: 001.1980
  • initial values are not part of the hierarchy: 000.2016 and 000.2017




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