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Local Calculations & Conditions


SAP Online Documentation
Transaction RSFC

In order to better understand the OLAP features, it os also recommended to check delivered sample queries in transaction RSFC (How to use RSFC, see KBA 1508237).

SAP Consulting Notes
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  • 1508237 First Steps to Check Wrong Number in BW Query (Transaction RSFC)
  • 1914523 Result row value is different from summation of single row values along drilldown for BW query
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  • 1861667 'Exception Aggregation' versus 'Local Calculations'
  • 1775848 Common Problems when using Query Conditions


  • Conditions are just hiding the numbers that are not relevant, they therefore have no effect on the values displayed in the results rows

Example (I) setting 'Condition for All Characteristics in Drilldown Independent'

Example (II) Conditions & Result Rows

Example (III) Conditions & CKFs

Example (IV) Setting 'Individual Characteristics and Characteristic Combinations'

Example (V) Conditions & Suppress Result Rows (BRAIN 144)

Example (VI) Top/Bottom N Conditions & Zero Suppression

Example (VII) Conditions & Local Calculations

In case a prequery uses an active condition please see Variable Replaced with a Query Result.

Local Calculations (Calculate Result as...)

  • Local calculations include only numbers in the calculation that appear in the current view of the report. Hence, in general, the calculated values change during navigation !
  • Local calculations only change the display of the values. With subsequent calculations, such as formulas, the system does not use the values changed for the display, but uses the original values determined by Analytic Engine !
  • Only 'Java BICS' supports local calculations in combination with hierarchies. This includes frontends like: Java Web, Analysis for Office and Design Studio. Please also review KBA 1296576 and 2031247.

Please see the following simple examples:

Simple Example with Screenshots

Example: 'Calculate Results as..' & Hierarchies

Cumulative Value Display