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The Access type for result values determines what characteristic value are determined for query result.

  • Per Default only the posted values for a navigation are displayed.
  • For planning scenarios (BW-PLA-IP) the usage of 'characteristic relationships' to create certain input ready lines is common. See more in Characteristic Relationship.
  • For displaying unposted master data values the usage of 'master data' is very common. See more below.


Characteristic Property: Access type for Result Values - 'Master Data'

You can define whether the query displays charcteristics values which are not booked in the infoprovider. The default setting is 'Posted Values': when the query is executed, a row of data is only displayed for a characteristic value if it is posted in the infoprovider.

Please note that this setting can lead to many rows in the query result in case the characteristic has many values in the master data tables. This may even lead to memory/performance problems, please see also SAP Note 1681396

Example (even when the display of result rows is suppressed, a query may display (yelllow) result rows to fill 'gaps')

SAP Online Documentation

Access Type 'Master Data'

SAP Consulting Notes

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  • 2551378  Acces Type for Result Values: 'Master Data' and Zero Suppression leads to no data


Exception Aggregation and Access Type: Master Data  

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