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QueryProvider or Query as InfoProvider (QPROV)

Usage, support and features of Query as InfoProvider are discussed

SAP Online Documentation Query as InfoProvider

SAP Consulting Notes at a glance:

Check out if you know all of them (once more available they will be added (smile)):

Top 10: all of them highly recommended
  • 1903468 Formulas in "Query as InfoProvider"
  • 2084937 A Query Built on a Composite Provider/Multiprovider can't be Set as "Query as InfoProvider"
  • 2865773 Query as InfoProvider is not allowed for Queries on CompositeProviders with HANA Models as Part
QPROV Restrictions

Find an overview of Bex features ignored or not supported by the QPROV implementation:

  • SAP Online Documentation: Restrictions(BW75)
  • Stock Coverage Key figures are not supported, see note 2572490
  • If the provider contains an transient provider or an aggregation level as a partproivder, the query can't be set as "Query as InfoProvider". See note 2084937.
  • Note, that if the query contains formulas with not clearly defined aggregation behavior(like a constant), an aggregation in the loading process(or later by a query defined on the target provider of the DTP) may lead to unexpected values. See note 1903468 and this example for further details.

To check if a specific query is suitable as QueryProvider you can run the report RSR_QPROV_CHECK in transaction SE38.

Analysis / Topics

Check out analysis options and several QPROV topics:

How to find related code corrections

Search notes with key word: QPROV