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Error message:  SID for characteristic 0UNIT could not be converted

(This error message will happen up to the implementation of SAP note 1965924 or the corresponding support package. Afterwards, the system will not issue an error message, but fill the unit column with an initial value. For correct data you should still check the data flow for mixed units/currencies).


SID  2000000304 is an artificial SID for repesenting mixed currencies or units occuring if an aggregation should be having over records with different units/currenices.

General explanation for this topic: Online Help Currency and Unit Display in Business Explorer

Sample scenario:

A query released as QPROV has the following layout:

Char AChar B UnitKey figure 1
ABC 123PC100
XYZ 123TO20

Mapping this to a target provider that does not contain characteristic A, would mean that the system has to aggregate over characteristics A.

In a query scenario in RSRT for example this would result in this type of output:

Char BKey figure 1

But the '*' cannot be written into the key figure columns of the target provider. Thus the error message is issued and the data load is stopped.


This can be avoided in the dataflow by:

  • adding all characteristics of the source to the target (thus no aggregation needs to happen)
  • using a unit/currency conversion in the source query
  • using the NODIM() operator (make sure for all effected columns) in the source query



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