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Recipe for troubleshooting and identifying the layer where your QPROV issue comes from

Step 1: RSRT -> execute original query (see SAP note #1591837 How to analyze query results)

  • deactivate all features that will be ignored (such as list calculations, conditions, zero suppression and more listed under Restrictions)
  • suppress result rows for all characteristics in drilldown
  • swap characteristics for same order as in  transformation
  • drop characteristics from drilldown that are not used in the transformation
  • remove all restrictions from the 'Default Value' section(dynamic filters, see Processing of Filter Values) since they will be ignored by the QueryProvider.
  • save a bookmark with all these changes (see SAP note #1766189 How to record a BW Query bookmark and/or Query Variant for SAP support)
  • Is the query result as expected?

Step 2: RSRT: --> check the QPROV adhoc queries (see also SAP note #1591837 How to analyze query results)

  • the initial display of the QPROV query will have the key figure structure in the columns, all characteristics free characteristics and need to be drilled down, step by step and according to the mapping in the transformation
  • filter set in the DTP can be set in Query in RSRT HTML and BICS mode as well 
  • note that 'unsupported' key figures(see note 1903468 ) are not offered to be used in the adhoc query
  • save a bookmark of the final navigation state resembling the mapped fields (see SAP note #1766189 How to record a BW Query bookmark and/or Query Variant for SAP support)
  • does the adhoc query work as expected?

Step 3: RSDTP -> Simulate in expert mode and display the temporary values after extraction - compare to orginal query and the QPROV query

  • you can use the filter for checking specific values
  • determine if the extraction from the QueryProvider already shows the issue or if the issue lies in the following transformation or update to the target provider

Step 4: Check the target provider and pay attention to the following

  • which characteristics and key figures are mapped (these have to be in the drilldown for the comparison)
  • for DSOs: check aggregation always with specific attention to the defined key (it is recommended to have all query characteristics of the DSO key in the drilldown of the query)
  • save a LISTCUBE report for comparison (see SAP note #1956741 How to create a LISTCUBE report including a display variant)


 See also Helpful Breakpoints, in particular check out the examples.


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