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BW Release 7.3x

The 'flattened' resultset of the OLAP processor is fetched by function module RRK_DATA_GET_FLAT. Set a breakpoint and verify the returned data in structure e_t_data.

CAUTION: If packaging is possible, you will stop at this breakpoint for every package. Depending on the chosen or generated package size this can be a few stops.

BW Release 7.5x and BW4/Hana
  • The main method is: Method IF_RSDRV_VPROV_INT_QUERY~READ of CL_RSR_QPROV_QUERY  
  • The actual packlevel of ther query is determined in:  Method GET_ACTUAL_PACKLEVEL of CL_RSR_PACKLEVEL_SRVS
  • Semantic Grouping: Infoobjects which are not supported for packaging: Method GET_UNSUPPORTED_CHANMID of CL_RSR_QPROV_PARTITIONING  
  • Packages created on DTP level: Method GET_DATAPACKAGE  of CL_RSBK_PACKETIZER
  • Key figure calculations are done here: method FILL_INTO_TABLE  CL_RSR_RRK0_STL_FLAT


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