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Report-Report Interface BW-BEX-OT-RRI


Most important consulting note

1053310 Report-report interface: Application rules

2632041 RRI - Filter Rules - Comments on SAP note 1053310

SAP Online Help:

Report-Report Interface

SAP Consulting Notes at a glance

  • 1053310 Report-report interface: Application rules
  • 377960 Requirements for branching into OLTP
  • 363203 BBS: Parameter not transferred to transaction
  • 603925 Prerequisites for branching from BW Web Applications to R/3
  • 568489 Jump destinations within BW and hierarchies
  • 1470054 Default variant in BexAnalyzer and Report Report Interface
  • 2108334 Different RRI Behaviour: ABAP - Java

Guideline for Error Analysis and Examples

Features / Topics

Query to Query Jump

SAP Support Troubleshooting Guideline