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A TransientProvider is a VirtualProvider with transient metadata and a special access routine to read data.

Thus, applications can use the analytic engine without creating BW models in the first place.

This concept is so far used by several applications:

  1. Classic Infosets

  2. ODP Context (ABAP CDS, Search and Operational Analytics, HANA Information Views...)

  3. Query as InfoProvider

  4. Analytical indices in Workspace

Technical names of TransientProviders start with "@" or "2". In table RSRTSDIRMETADATA you can find the relation between prefix and the implementing ABAP class.

Transient Provider Types

NameTypeTransactionsPrefixABAP classDocumentation

TransientProviders on Analytical Indices

  • SAP HANA models
  • Query Snapshots
  • APD/HAP analytic index
  • Local CompositeProviders







TransientProviders on SAP HANA Models

Creating TransientProviders on SAP HANA Models

TransientProviders Derived from an Analytic Index

TransientProviders on Classic InfosetsR3ISSQ02, SQBWPROP@1CL_RSRTS_METADATA_R3ISTransientProviders on Classic Infosets

TransientProviders from ODP context:

  • ABAP Core Data Services
  • Search and Operational Analytics
  • HANA Information Views
  • Open ODS views


  • CDS: 2C
    (incident component BW-BEX-OT-ODP or BW-WHM-DBA-ODA)
  • Search: 2O
    (incident component BC-EIM-ODP)
  • HANA: 2H
    (incident component BW-WHM-DBA-ODA)
  • open ODS view: 2F
    (incident component BW-WHM-DBA-ODSV)

2C: TransientProviders on CDS Views


2O: TransientProviders on Search and Operational Analytics


2H: Transient Provider on HANA Model


2F: Transient Provider and Open ODS View


Query ProviderELEMRSRT@QCL_RSR_QPROV_METADATA Query as InfoProvider
TransientProvider on Virtual Tablen/a @5n/a2409482 - Consulting:Queries on Transient provider (starting with @5 ) based on DDIC Objects not available
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