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  • Open ODS View Simple Example 2: Transformation
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Simple example of Open ODS view based on Transformation

SAP Online Help: Transformation of Data from External Sources for Open ODS Views

In this example a datasource extracting via SAP HANA SDA from table BOOKS is used (in the simple example it just references to the own database of the BW test system).

In the datasource the 'Selection Properties' are to be checked, they indicated if any later query selections can be passed to and processed by this datasource.

The Preview for this Data source shows 5 records for reference:

An InfoSource is chose as target structure(can be an existing dataflow as well). This data coming from another system could now be checked and converted with the classic transformation. In this very simple example just 1:1 mappings are used.

Now an Open ODS View can be created on top of this transformation and the data previewed:

In the query on top of this layer, further filters and layout options are used, in this sample the data is filtered to one record:

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