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Check this first

Are the relevant SAP Notes installed? 

Below SAP_BASIS 730:

Is the SAP Note 1521883 - ODP Data Replication API 1.0 for the ODP replication API and all the notes mentioned in ZSAP_ODP_NOTE_ANALYZER are installed?

With/above 730:

Is the SAP Note 1931427 - ODP Data Replication API 2.0, and all the notes mentioned in ZNOTE_ANALYZER_1931427 are installed?

DataSource for ODP replication API

Is the DataSource in question is released for ODP replication API?

Please check the wiki page: ODP enabled extractors

Before sending an incident to SAP Support

Please follow all the steps mentioned in the SAP Notes:

2163197 - ODP Incident: Pre-analysis steps for SAP Netweaver Release 7.x

2163193 - ODP Incident: Pre-analysis steps for SAP Netweaver Release 7.3 or above


It's also important to select the correct component. 

  • BC-BW-ODP: All the issues related to ODQ and loading which uses the ODQ
  • BC-EIM-ODP: All the issues related to ODP metadata, ODP Model activation, ODP Business Content and ODP creation, ODP DataSource replication/activation irrespective of contexts, even loading without the ODQ
  • BW-BEX-OT-ODP: All the issues related to Query processing in any ODP context

Extractor status not changing even after the extraction is successful

  1. follow point 1 "Check this first"
  2. Install SAP Notes  1764031 - Dialog timeout continues to run during fast FETCH calls and 1870740 - ODQ: Delta requests stuck in status "extraction scheduled"

Name of source type R/3 must start with S (but cannot be SME or SAP) [message no. RSAR032] when trying to create an ODP source system

The issue is because of missing prerequisite corrections -> see 'Check this first' section

RODPS_REPL_ODP_GET_DETAIL does not exist in NetWeaver 7.0 

In this case ODP API 1.0 is used and function module RODPS_REPL_ODP_GET_DETAIL does not exist. It will be released with ODP API 2.0. It is possible to use
RODPS_REPL_SOURCE_GET_DETAIL for the same purpose.

More information about function modules used by ODP API 1.0 and 2.0: here

Do we need to clear Operational Delta Queue before doing the Upgrade procedure just like we do it in case of Delta Queues (RSA7)?

 It is recommended to clean the Operational Delta Queue as well before upgrade.

Please check SAP Knowledge Base Article: 2548747 - How-To: Cleaning delta queues for upgrade or similar procedures

Could not replicate datasource under source system type ODP-SAP, as the system is closed. 

If you want to replicate the datasources in closed system then you must set the parameter ' REPL_WITHOUT_CTO ' in RSADMIN  with values as X or TRUE.

Data loading to advanced DSO fails with "Create request declaration contains invalid source requests" (Message no. RSPM116).

In German: Request-Deklarationserstellung enthält ungültige Quell-Requests. To solve this issue, apply SAP Note 2300828 .