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Transaction RSPCM has an increased response time or is hanging.

Reproducing the Issue

Execute transaction RSPCM.


RSPCM gathers all of the information for the Process Chains including information about IDOCs and the request/deletion information for DTPs & Infopackages etc. Therefore there is a high utilization of tables like EDIDC & RSMONMESS.


  1. The first and most important step to improve performance is to create an index on table EDIDC including the fields MANDT, CREDAT and MESTYP.
  2. Perform a request archiving to reorganize all the maintenance tables for the Infopackage & DTP requests such as RSMONMESS and RSBMONMESS. For more information about request administration archiving this help document:
  3. Review the following Notes. 
  • 761734 - Performance of IDoc search in BW load monitor
  • 706478 - Preventing Basis tables from increasing considerably
  • 40088 - EDI/IDoc: Deleting and reorganizing IDocs
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