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In this section you can find information on tuning your SAP BI systems and addres known performance problems.


Included below are tools, tricks, tips and links to help you get the most out of your BI system and to solve common performance issues. Design guidelines for tuning your current development are also discussed.

1 Definitions

MAXSIZE = Maximum size of an individual data packet in KB.The individual records are sent in packages of varying sizes in the data transfer to the Business Information Warehouse. Using these parameters you determine the maximum size of such a package and therefore how much of the main memory may be used for the creation of the data package. SAP recommends a data package size between 10 and 50 MB.

MAXLINES = Upper-limit for the number of records per data packet
The default setting is 'Max. lines' = 100000
The maximum main memory space requirement per data packet is around

memory requirement = 2 * 'Max. lines' * 1000 Byte,

meaning 200 MByte with the default setting

2 The formula for calculating number of records

 The formula for calculating the number of records in a Data Packet is:
packet size = MAXSIZE * 1000 / transfer structure size (ABAP Length)
                    but not more than MAXLINES.
eg. if MAXLINES < than the result of the formula, then MAXLINES size is transferred into BW.
The size of the Data Packet is the lowest of MAXSIZE * 1000 / transfer structure size (ABAP Length) or MAXLINES.

3         Finding data for the calculation


3.1      Use RSA1 to find the transfer program for the Infosource


  • Find the transfer structure in RSA1
  • Display the transfer structure as shown below: Example: Transfer structure 8YGTGD056 (8YGTGD056_FA)


  • Select Extras -> Display Program from the top menu
  • Choose the Transfer Program
  • This displays the report that is generated when creating the transfer structure.  In the example shown in the screenshot above, the report is called GP3U2HYZTQXI1MD6MXGI3820TKF  

3.2      Find the name of the transfer and communication structure

 In the report selected above, you will find the name of the transfer structure and the communication structure by looking for the following lines:
TYPES :    BEGIN OF rs_s_btrsr.
 The structure listed in the INCLUDE STRUCTURE statement is to be noted down - in this case /BIC/CAFA8YGTGD056.

3.3      Use SE11 to find the details of the transfer structure


  • Run transaction SE11
  • Enter the structure name in the Data type window, as shown below: 
  • Click on Display button, to display the structure
  • Select Extras -> Structure Width, to display the dictionary length and ABAP length of the structure: 

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