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This page contains some general tips on to improve the performance of activating DSO requests.


These tips will ensure that your DSO requests are activated with optimal performance.


  • DSO activation can be slow if the batch tables are large as these are run through for object activations. So as a starter, please clean down the batch system with the usual house-keeping tools (report RSBTCDEL2, tcode SM65, etc); your Basis team will be aware of these & should run these for you.
  • Ensure that statistics for the DSO are up to date.
  • If you are not reporting on the DSO, the activation of SIDs is not required (this will take up some considerable time in activation); Often the logs show that the activation job takes almost all the time to schedule the RSBATCH_EXECUTE_PROZESS as job BIBCTL_*. RSBATCH_EXECUTE_PROCESS is for scheduling and executing the SID-generation process. If you don't need the relevant DSO for reporting & you don't have queries on it, you can delete the reporting flag in the DSO maintenance. This would be a good way to speed this process up significantly. Check under 'Settings' in the DSO maintenance whether you have flagged the option "SID Generation upon activation".
  • By making some adjustments to the DataStore Object parameters in tcode RSODSO_SETTINGS you should be able to accelerate the request. You can adjust this for all, or specific, DSOs.

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