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How to create the personalization and use of personalization please check the Link:

If you want to create variant you have authorization object S_RS_PARAM must be maintained for the user so that the user can create a variant

Personalization Stored in table RSWR_PERS

Please check the SAP Help Link:


If you have issue with personalization please 
reactivate the BI Personalization in the respective system as follows:

                                     - Run transaction RS_PERS_ACTIVATE

                                     - Select all three checkboxes

                                     - Execute

                                     - Now the BI Personalization is reactivated.

                                      You can have further details on 573284 “Problems with the BEx personalization." Notice that this reactivation does not delete anything.

It should be caused by an inconsistency in the personalization entries for some (or even all) users. You can check table RSWR_PERS for this. 
And/or you can go to transaction SE38 Execute the program RSWR_PERSONALIZATION_SUPPORT 

 Select the user = <affected user>
 Select Web Template Name =<affected or default template>
 Then execute.

This steps will delete the two personalization corrupted.

'RSWR_PERSONALIZATION_SUPPORT' report has a flexibility to delete the personalization based on User & Template name combination and once this criteria is provided then this will delete the personalization from the following tables.

RSWR_PERS      - Personalized Bookmark Table entries
RSWR_DATA      - Personalization Bookmark entries stored in Database
RSWR_DATA_XREF - References of Personalization entries stored in Database

Useful Links:

When you are activating the personalization from the BW IMG, you have to temporarily switch the system to "changeable".

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