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Portal is language dependent, how to change the language on you Portal?

  • You are logged onto the backend system using german language
  • You goto transaction RSRT and enter a query and then goto Java web
  • This logs you onto the portal
  • But your portal display in english not german, why?
  • When you logon to the portal there is no selection for language in the logon screen, you are only asked for the userid or password
  • So if you internet explorer is set up for english language then the portal will only display in english language
  • The portal can only use one language at a time
  • This is applicable to both customers systems and internal SAP systems

How to change your portal Language ?

  • Goto to your internet explorer
  • Goto tools
  • Internet options
  • languages
  • Then add the language you wish to logon in - example german
  • Then highlight the language and select move up

 Now complete the steps mention above again and the portal language will now have changed to German

*Note if you change the language of your internet explorer, remember to change to back**

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