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Modeling Nodes and Leaves

Node Types

There are three types of hierachy nodes

  • 'nodes which can be posted to' (postable nodes (posted nodes))
  • 'nodes that can't be posted' (text nodes, external charcteristic nodes)
  • link nodes, duplicate nodes

In the following we deal with the node type 'Posted Node'.

Postable Nodes

A postable node is a node that corresponds to a characteristic value of basic characteristic the hierarchy is defined on. The value of a postable node is specified by the aggregation of the values of its lower-level nodes AND of its own value in the InfoProvider. In the transaction RSH1 you can see that such a node has the same 'icon' as leaves:


The node '100' is a postable node. It has three leaves, 10, 11 and 12. A query result could look as follows:


By default the query displays the own value of the postable node in a seperate row (like an additional leave). This makes it easier to interpret the value of this node. Via Hierarchy Attributes you can define that values to the postable node are not displayed in the BEx Query (see Hierarchy Attributes):


In addition it is possible to control the display of postable nodes in the QueryDesigner:


If the setting 'Values of Posted Nodes' = 'Hide' is used, the display of query result changes to


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