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  • This page is still under construction. Feedback is welcome, and please contact Vince at if you have concern with the content. 


The purpose of this page is provide a list of pre-check steps for for trouble shooting of 2LIS_* extractors. Some of them are datasource or application specific, some are general.

Term "2LIS_* extractors" here standards for datasources maintained in transaction LBWE(LO cockpit). There're mainly two exceptions,

  • 2LIS_*_S*** datasources are LIS datasources, extracting from logistic info structure S***.
  • 2LIS_02_SRV, please refer to SAP KBA 1606666.


When you have issues with 2LIS_* datasources, please refer to the steps below. There're mainly two kinds of issue,

  • Issue occurs to both full and delta loading
  • Issue occurs to delta only
  • Please refer to SAP Note 586163  --> part 3, Extracting non-cumulative data from SAP ERP, for reference.

Both full and delta

Please follow the steps below to reproduce the issue first, to confirm if this issue also occurs to full loading or not.

  • Clear the setup table for more convenient check in following steps RSA3, please refer to SAP KBA 1752439.
  • Use oli*bw to refill the setup table. (For detailed transaction list, please refer to this wiki page)
  • Use RSA3 full mode to check the data from setup table

If you could reproduce the issue by steps above, here is the list of FAQ for common issues and possible solution,

  1. Sign issue – please check the inversion setting in RSA2 -> fields tab. Marked fields would be plus/minus inverted after reading from the setup table.
  2. Zero value for certain figure fields, such as BWGEO / BWGEOO / BWMNG, especially for datasource such as 2LIS_02_SCL and 2LIS_03_BF, etc.  
    As explained in SAP KBA 1883701,
    1) Please check transaction BF11 see if BW is marked or not.
    2) Please also check IMG  in transaction SBIW -> PI -> Logistics -> Setting for IBU Retail / CP, 
    -- in "Determine Industry Sector", if "Core" is set. (If setting is Retail, you need to check if you have this setting on purpose, because logic for some certain fields may differ between Retail and Core. Field BWAPPLNM and other value fields begin with BW* )
    -- in "Transation Key Maintenance for SAP BW", you would find how BWVORG is set.
  3. Value not filled as expected. In such case, please use the tech name of  datasource + the field name to search SAP notes.
  4. If the field is not provided as standard (not of status 'A' in table TMCEXCFS), which means an enhanced field in LBWE, we might have specific logic for such field, and for some of them, the default value could be null, as the logic is not implemented by default.

Delta only

Common issues

  • The value of field is not correct, which means it's not the same as the result by the steps performed in the upper part for full loading.
  • Delta record missing.
  • ROCANCEL not set correctly.

Firstly, it's necessary to clarify the phases of how delta records are generated and extracted to BW system via delta queue.

  • Phase 1, Online application job(or by IDOC, or application process in batch), which generates the delta record. 
  • Phase 2, collective run (Report RMBWV3**, ** is the application number, which could be checked by LBWE. eg, 02 is purchasing, 03 is inventory management, etc. ). 
    There're mainly two ways to schedule collective run, in LBWE -> "Job Control" under "Update" column. Period background job would be scheduled automatically.
    If the Update mode is "Queued Delta", LUWs in mcex**(again, ** is the application number) queue would be collected and transferred to the delta queue(could be checked by RSA7). 
    Notice  1) the LUW in RSA7 is not the same data which would be sent to BW side, for the reasons such as, field not plus/minus inverted for before/reverse image. 2) customer exit such as exit_saplrsap_001, or customer BAdi not called yet. 
  • Phase 3, Delta loading from BW system side, which is usually scheduled by infopackage(as of BW 7.5, DTP could do that as PSA has become optional) of "delta". 

Issue 1) in Phase 1 is most common. 

It's important to find out a reproducible sample, 

1) A reproducible sample means the steps to generate the wrong delta record. Please also refer to note 978089.

2) You need the sample to verify the possible solution.

3) It's very important to narrow down to which datasource, Because different datasource may belong to different applications. 


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