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  • Prerequisites for using BEx Broadcaster
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Starting with Netweaver 7.0 you need to use the new BEx Broadcaster 7.0 (see note 1935951).
Be in mind that BEx Broadcaster 3.x is no longer supported (see note 2044155 - BEx Broadcaster 3.x is not supported ).

1 - For using BEx Broadcaster please check following points:

  • You must maintain a BI JAVA Enterprise Portal as your default portal, connected to Netweaver ABAP stack. 
  • You have to configure the integrations between ABAP and JAVA stacks.
  • Ensure the template 0BROADCASTING_TEMPLATE is activated. If is not, see note 1922024 in order to activate this template.
  • In Tx RSCUSTV27 maintain the field "Broadcasting" empty.
  • The Authorization user mentioned in the broadcaster setting must be able to execute the BW-reporting objects AND export in corresponding format.


2 - SAP NetWeaver BI Diagnostics & Support Desk Tool

  • Please execute the 'SAP NetWeaver BI Diagnostics & Support Desk Tool' to check and confirm a 'green result' the configuration of your system SAP NetWeaver BI installation.
  • According note 1177154 a COMPLETE GREEN Diagnostic Tool is mandatory for a error-free broadcasting.
  • If result shows RED items please correct it: 
    • The tool provides a solution for each of the red items.
    • Please also read notes 937697 and the in note mentioned 'related/referenced notes' to get help for correcting the configuration.
    • KBA 2113395 guides you with step by step descriptions to correct any red alert. 
    • You may need to involve your JAVA administrator to correctly configuration of the system.
    • Still experience RED alerts, involve the BW-BEX-ET-WJR team to guide you to solve the case.
  • According to KBA 1899396 and note 1789842  BI Java patch level 0 is not supported because it does not include all the subsequent corrections delivered in patches for lower SPS levels.
  • If you are using patch level 0 it is mandatory to raise the patch level for BI Java.

3 - How to start the new BEx Broadcaster 7.0:

  • The BEx Broadcaster can be started in BI Java Portal or with any BEx tool.
  • Please review Online Documentation: Calling BEx Broadcaster
  • In Portal: After logon, navigate to "Business Intelligence", here you can find the BEx Broadcaster.
  • In Tx RSRT: Execute the query using button 'JAVA Web'.
    • This executes the query in JAVA WEB / WEB Analyzer.
    • Press button 'Send' or use the context menu Option 'Broadcast and Export' to call the BEx Broadcasting Wizard.
  • In case you cannot start BEx Broadcaster please review wikipage: Checklist for issues during creation and editing of Broadcaster-Setting to fix it.


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