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Table NameContent

Stores the definition of datasources, including:

  1. The delta procedure(DELTA)
  2. Does it support 'init without data transer'? INITSIMU: 1, Yes; <>1, No.
  3. Can the Delta mode be tested in RSA3? READONLY: X, Yes; <>X, No.

Stores information about fields of each datasource.

  1. Can the field be extracted by the datasource? SELECTION:
    -- A, Field in OLTP and BW Hidden by SAP
    -- ' ', No Selection Possible, Visibility Set
    -- P, Selection Adjustable, Visibility Set
    -- X, Selection Adjustable, Visibility Set
    -- 1, Pure Selection Field, Selection Set
  2. UNIFIELDNM - another field with data type CURR & QUAN is referred in case of amounts, quantity field

After transfer rules / Datasource are activated in BW, an entry for that particular BW system is generated here:

  1. SLOGSYS - source system
  2. RLOGSYS - BW system
  3. GEUNID: 'GP'+GEUNID is the GP program name
ROOSGENDLMStores the delta pointer(timestamp): DELTAID, REPEATID. The entry will be written after the 1st initial run.
RODELTAMContains association between delta processes(ROOSOURCE-DELTA) and delta types.
ROOSPRMSCStores the initial request number and the last delta request number.

Stores the selection in the initialization.
Only the data which meet with this selection could be loaded by the delta loading.

RSDSSEGFDIn BW system, similar with ROOSFIELD in source system, stores datasource / fields / datatype / selection.
RSSDLINITIn BW system, stores the request number of the initialization - corresponding to table ROOSPRMSC in ERP side
RSSDLINITSELIn BW system, stores the selection criteria of the initialization request - corresponding to table ROOSPRMSF in ERP side

In Source system, stores the field information (like field name, type, length, etc) for extract structure versions of DataSources

TMCEXACTMaps to TCode.LBWE, stores the Datasource, the status of the structures(Active/Inactive)
TMCEXUPDMaps to TCode.LBWE, stores the Update mode of the LO-LIS datasource: A(Direct Update), B(Queued Update), C(V3 Update)
TMCEXEVEMaps to TCode.LBWE, stores the event of different Datasources
TMCEXCFZcustomizing fields for LO-LIS Datasources