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Creation of Process Chains:

sap document on process chains: link for creation of process chains:

helpful threads on issues related to process chains:

Process Chains creation and monitoring

Re: OPEN HUB with Process Chain

Re: OPEN HUB with Process Chain

Re: attribute change run

Re: Process Chain Scheduling

Re: Process Chain

Re: Process Chain

Re: Can a process can have more than one variant?

Re: about the open hub...!

Re: Process chain statistics

Re: Process Types in BI 7.0

Re: How to deactivate the local chain in Main chain

Re: changing a process type during running of process chain

Re: Node for Process chain--Urgent

Re: Process Chains Events

Re: process chain event trigger problem


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  1. Former Member

    Hello Guys,


    None of the above links are functional, please update these links with new ones. 


    Thank you.


  2. Hello,


           The above links are not working kindly update the same.



    Thank you.