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As discussed in Improving BW Query Performance by Pruning , pruning based on metadata can take place when ADSOs have filter citerias for certain characteristics.

Simple Example

A HCPR is based on three ADSOs (see BWonHANA: Data Modeling) where all of them only contain data from certain time periods:

    • ADSO: ATSTPE_A6 (0CALYEAR = 2013) 
    • ADSO: ATSTPE_A7 (0CALYEAR = 2014 - 2015) 
    • ADSO: ATSTPE_A8 (0CALMONTH = 01.2026 - 12.2018) 

E.g. ADSO ATSTPE_A6 is retricted to 0CALYEAR = 2013:

Definition of HCPR:

 The cretirias are stored in the administration table RSIPORANGE:

Our test query has the hard filter(see Processing of Filter Values) 0calmonth = 04.2015 - 02.2016:

When we run the query in Transaction RSRT, we can use the debug function 'MultiProvider Explain' to get information displayed about the pruning

Query result with Messages:


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