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As discussed in Improving BW Query Performance by Pruning, pruning is also done regarding partitions defined for an ADSO (BW/4Hana). In the following simple example the query uses an corresponding filter which can be used for pruning. You will see that a time derivation is carried out since the filter of the query is not defined on the same time characteristic as used for defining the partitions. The query is based on a HCPR based on an ADSO with partitions((see  also BWonHANA: Data Modeling))

See also

Near-line Storage and Data Tiering(DTO)


Our ADSO uses DTO(Data Tiering Optimization): 

Partitions are defined regarding the characteristic 0CALMONTH:

The following 'Temperatures' are defined for the partitions(transaction RSOADSODTOS)


The query is defined on a HCPR which is based on this ADSO:


The filter 0CALYEAR = [2013 - 2016] should lead to exclusion of all partitions which do not contain data records for these years. When we run the query in Transaction RSRT, we can take a look at the statement(see SQL / HANA Analytics-API  )

You can see that the year restriction was transformed into a corresponding 0calmonth restriction (on the Hana database all time fields are independent from each other) and added to the statement as a constaint (in relation to the partprovider).

In case you switch of the pruning in RSRT for testing purposes, this derivation is not carried out:


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