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While migrating Queries and workbooks after a technical upgrade from BW version 3.5 to Netweaver 2004s we faced certain issues which potentially could have been a show stopper, in terms of meeting with the tight deadlines of the deliverables.

I would like to share two such issues / errors which I could successfully resolve. I believe these are errors that many of us would come across as part of the Upgrade / migration process and hope the resolution provided would be of help to you all.

Case 1: Error in Object Editing.

As we all know - "To migrate a query to the new version we are required to open the query in the 7.0 version of Query Designer" and Save it. This would effectively migrate the 3.x query to the 7.0 Version.

When I tried to migrate a 3.5 Query, the following message appeared "Edit objects separately since they belong to different original systems"


At first I assumed that some of the Query elements were saved in a different Transport request, but fixing that did not make any difference. Further Investigation lead to the conclusion that - While creating new queries certain changes were made to the Global structure. These changes made to the Global structure were not adjusted in the queries that were created earlier to the changes.

I our case, some of the newly created queries have Calculated Key figures that were created anew and saved under the Global structure, these changes were not reflected in the Global structure of queries that were created a long way back.

So here is the solution-
-           Open the Query in 3.x version
-           Save the Query (Can be collected in a Transport Request)
-           Open the Query in 7.0 and Save again.

Case 2: Missing Text elements from Workbooks.

After migration of certain workbooks, we observed that the Variable entries that were supposed to be displayed as Text elements were missing.



We identified that applying OSS Note 1143771 would fix this error.
Applied the note and below is the workbook displaying the Text elements.


Issue: We were getting an Informative message 'Work Book contains links to other data sources, you want to Update or Don't Update?''. This is because of copying Logo from source file and pasted it into the work books as part of changes in the work books.. 
Solution: Changed Excel features--àEdit in the Menu bar-àLinks-àStartup Prompt-àDon't display the alert and don't update automatic links (second radio button)

 Lessons Learned:
Front end must be in the same version for all the systems while Migrating Queries and Work Books. (Especially when we are working on Global Standard Model--onsite and offshore model)--We had some issues due to mismatches of front end versions..

(Onsite team-- SAP GUI 710 with Patch Level 4...Offshore---same GUI version, But Patch Level 8) 
Should not copy and paste the Logos (required if any) into the Work Books from any of the source files, rather should insert them into the work books as an object (If required) 

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