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For CDS queries(see Embedded Reporting on ABAP CDS views) it is in general not possible to control Query Properties with the help of analytic annotations. The only exception is the setting OLAP Effort. However, for all these properties there are system default values and for some of them it is supported that they are changed locally in transaction RSRT.

Query Properties which can be changed in RSRT(changes of the other settings are not supported):

    • Read Mode: the default value is H, however, in exceptional cases it might make sense to use X or A. See Query Property: Read Mode.
    • Cache Mode: a CDS query cannot use the OLAP cache since there are no 'stable'(stored in SID tables of BW characteristics) SIDs available. However, by default the query uses the local cache(see OLAP cache) which can be changed to 'No cache' in RSRT.

The property 'Request Status' (which can be defined for a classic BW query in the QueryDesigner - see Specifying Data Integrity) isn't relevant for a CDS query since it always retrieves the current available data.

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