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Transaction RS2HANA_ADMIN has been introduced with SAP note 2031522. It can be used as a general entry point where all BW objects with enabled "External SAP HANA View" are visible. Whenever a BW object has been activated with option "External SAP HANA View" the object is diplayed in RS2HANA_ADMIN. You can check the consistency of each view and generate if required. Additionally you can navigate to general settings or the authorization check tool.


Depending on the type/namspace of the BW object the corresponding BW HANA view can be deployed in one or more subpackages of the defined root package.

examples with the default root package: ''  


BW object packageSAP HANA view ID
/ILM/DSO1/ILM/ = namespace
0HMG_DD120 = BW content
@3HCPR_EX1workspaces =
@Q0HMG_Q1 (type: ELEM)@Q = Query as Infoprovider
JK_CHAR (type: IOBJ)external view for reporting is set
JK_CHAR (type: IOBJ)

external view for reporting is set

external view for master data is set

in transaction RS2HANA_AMDIN visible as JK_CHAR_REPORTING/JK_CHAR

DM_EQD_T9  (type: ELEM)

 0hmg_c1 = infoprovider<infoproivder>




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