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Before you start to generate "external BW HANA view" it is necessary to think about some general settings e.g. which package should be used,

With 7.5 and support package 4 or higher you have the following options in transaction RS2HANA_VIEW.


In 7.4  or BW 7.5 and SP less than 4 you can only change the following settings via transactions RS2HANA_VIEW



all other settings has to be inserted manually as described in the following notes.

note number 
2236064External SAP HANA view: always create calculation view
2177718External SAP HANA view, performance: enforce SQL engine execution
2145502External SAP HANA view: text column for time characteristics and characteristic
2138518 External SAP HANA view for Query: Division by zero
 2298692 External SAP HANA view for Query: "filter values selection" setting, input valu

 After inserting or changing an entry in table RS2HANA_VIEW_SET it is necessary to reset the buffer by /$TAB RS2HANA_VIEW_SET or /$SYNC

Details are available in SAP note 2252122: Technical Customizing of HANA View Generation (RS2HANA_VIEW_SET)



Per default the Content HANA Package is '' and can be checked in table RS2HANA_VIEW_SET or RS2HANA_VIEW.

Changing an existing package is only possible if the package is empty.

In the HANA studio it is not allowed to use the defined package or any subpackage for any other objects then the generated BW external HANA view.

Multiple BW System on one HANA

If multiple BW systems share on HANA instance, it is mandatory to set a different package in each system.


possible automatically generated sub-packages see RS2HANA_ADMIN






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