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As you can see in note 1098260  this is not recommended to execute the report RSDDTREX_SINGLE_TABLE_INDEX. However there are some situations that this is the latest solution available before rebuilding the indexes and we need to evaluate this as an option.

This report is going to rebuild the materdata tables indexes independent of the cubes which are sharing that indexes.

Since this is an ABAP report, you execute that via transaction SE38. There are 3 fields required:

  •  Infocube:  you inform the technical name of one infocube which uses the master data index you want to rebuild. You can find that information in table RSDDTREXTABL_IC, informing the masterdata SID table in the field TABLNM.
  • REASON: this is a free text field to inform the reason for that execution, for instance "INCONSITENCY"
  • Table Names : you enter the SID table for the masterdata you want to rebuild, for instance /BI0/SXXX. You find that table in transaction RSD1 after you enter the characteristic name.

This is recommended to execute the report in background.

* In the BWA, it is also recommended to disable the initial reorg during the time you are executing the report. You can refer to procedure below in this matter:

  1. Set initial reorg to 0 in TREXAdmin tool->Tree->default-> landscape_reorgnize
  2. At BW system SE38 RSDDTREX_SINGLE_TABLE_INDEX with background and recreate the master data index.
  3. Please change the parameter "1)"  back

You can also find some information in the article below:
BWA Master Data Indexes and Report RSDDTREX_SINGLE_TABLE_INDEX

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