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As discussed in Function RSDRI_INFOPROV_READ, the so called V2 structure can be used in order to define the internal table G_T_DATA. In acse of an ADSO or HCPR which are based on fields(no InfoObject association), you need to take into account the following naming conventions.


Definition of ADSO with just three fields:

In SE11 you can find the V2 structure. The fields are defined as follows:

So, first the number 4, then the name of the ADSO and then the name of the field. In contrast to this syntax, the corresponding transient BW InfoObject uses a '-' between the name of the ADSO and the field name. This e.g. you can see when running transaction LISTCUBE.


A report calling RSDRI_INFOPROV_READ for our test ADSO uses the V2 structure to define the table g_t_data:

When you e.g. need a field in the drilldown or for defining a restriction, you have to use the InfoObject name for CHANM and the V2 name for the CHAALIAS:


Basically, the situation is the same when reading in case the provider is a HCPR:

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