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SAP delivers demo content for BI 7.x explaining features of the Analytic Engine and the Planning Engine. The content can be accessed and activated within transaction RSFC. The SAP Demo-Content for features significantly simplifies the understanding of features.

  • Queries are delivered with a corresponding documentation explaining the feature in this query. This document is easy to understand as it refers to the queries delivered in the system.
  • If you have problems understanding the documentation, the consulting and support departments can refer directly to the examples.
  • During system checks or in the case of error messages, the scenarios can be used as a health check in the system.

What objects does the Demo-content consist of ?

  1. InfoCubes and queries
  2. In addition, the data of the scenarios : transactional data and master data (texts, hierarchies, attributes) is delivered compressed in an archive.
  3. For each scenario, a documentation text is delivered, which describes the scenario and the feature. This text is displayed in transaction RSFC.
  4. If you activate a scenario from transaction RSFC, the system first  activates the relevant query and the underlying InfoProvider from the content. Then, the InfoProvider is supplied with data from the archive.  All text data, hierarchy data and attribute data is loaded from the  archive. You can execute the query directly.

How to activate the demo content?
Implement all notes listed in Note 1133935 as relevant to your system. Subsequently activate the examples in transaction RSFC. See detailed at 

Authorizations required for the Demo Content
The transaction is protected by the authorization object R_RS_RSFC. The  "Activity" authorization field determines whether you are allowed to call transaction RSFC and display the examples and whether you may activate the examples from the content and supply them with data. eg, Calling the transaction and displaying the examples (activity =  03),  Activating the objects from the content and loading the data (activate and initialize) (activity = 07)

List of Features that are delivered in this Democontent:

Analytic EngineIntegrated Planning
  1. Conditions
  2. Constant Selection 
  3. Elimination of internal business volume
  4. Local aggregation (Calculate result as, calculate single value as..)
  5. Temporal Hierarchy Join
  6. Exception Aggregation
  7. Slow Moving Item Scenario (Empty flag)
  8. Virtual time hierarchy
  9. Variables
  1. Access Type for Result Values (Combination Proposal)
  2. Disaggregation
  3. Lock Behavior
  4. Units (Currencies/Quantities)
  5. Writable Cells
  6. Writable Rows

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