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As described in Transaction RSRT: Query Monitor, it is recommended to change to the ABAP BICS mode for  BW releases higher than BW75:

This new mode has also some advantages like the possibilty to get the technical names of the object displayed.

Button 'Technical Inormation'

When using the button under Navigation Pane, the technical naes of the characteristics and key figures are displayed. In our example we can e.g. see that the infoobject 'Country' is actually the navigation attribute 0D_FC_CUST__0D_FC_COUN:


Saving a Bookmark

Click on the button 'Bookmark',

copy the generated ID

and use it in RSRT the following way:

Button 'Add Characteristic from InfoCube'

It is possible to add characteristics(originally not used in query) from the InfoProvider to the query as Free Characteristics:

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