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The RSRT HTML display mode is based on the 3.x ABAP web runtime.

Select 'Query Display' as 'HTML', a text box appears. This text box can be used to work with the parameters of the 3.x ABAP web runtime.


In this sample the query is called with the template (template_id=0ADHOC) and the variable screen is forced (variable_screen=X).

Other useful commands for query analysis and troubleshooting:

data_provider_id=<my_view> - BEx views can be reused as initial states

variant=<my_variant> - a variant saved for example in list mode can be reused

booked_values=M - the input help is per default called with 'Q' for posted values, to analyse F4 read mode 'M', this parameter can be used


The analysis options of the RSRT HTML mode are delivered with the default web templates of the content:








In transaction RSCUSTV21 these settings can be overruled. If different default templates are used, make sure to use the template_id=0adhoc parameter.

See SAP notes for versioning and activation of these 'old' templates:

1234236 - Problems with technical content Web templates (format 3.x)

1922024 - Error loading template 0


The documentation for the 3.x ABAP web runtime can still be downloaded at service support portal: to be browsed locally.


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