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The button 'Technical Information' leads to a list of technical details of the query definition. Among others the following points are important (in particular when its about wrong numbers):

General Data

Information about the Infoprovider and its Partptovider is displayed

OLAP-Relevant Data


Formulas with Exception Aggregation1151957 and 1861667
Virtual Char./Key Figures1717880
Constant Selection834996 and 1924842
Non-Cumulative Flag1548125
Not Visible Drilldown Characteristics1151957
Access Type for Result ValuesSDN WIKI Article
Characteristics with hierarchy "as posted"SAP Online Documentation



See Query Definition Limits.

Optimization Information

The info "Table Sizes Optimized" in the technical info of RSRT is referring to the so called query optimization. After the query execution the query optimization takes place and optimizes the size for the internal data structures used at query runtime to store the transaction data. This step ensures the minimal memory consumption for the main data table in the OLAP processor. After such an optimization takes place, the RSRT technical info will show a green traffic light. However a red traffic light here only means that no optimization was necessary, so it does not indicate any problem. For end users or administrators there is no need to trigger the query optimization manually. The system will automatically do this step when it becomes necessary. This system behavior is also described in SAP Note 1137994 in a more technical approach (which requires some knowledge of OLAP internal terms).

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