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There are many 'elementary' tests where you can check various aspects of the transaction data stored in an Infocube. 

For each test there is a descrition available (context menu).

Inconsistent Time Dimensions

One very important check is called 'Consistency of time dimension for Infocube', which checks whether or not the time characteristics of the InfoCube (used in the time dimension) are consistent. The consistency of the time dimension is very important for partitioned and non-cumulative cubes, please review note 1772036 - Inconsistent Time Dimensions

Multiple Entries in Dimension

The check 'Multiple entries in dimension of InfoCube' recognizes whether there are several lines that have different DIMIDs(dimension table key), but have the same SIDs for the selected dimension table for the InfoCube specified. This can occur by using parallel loading jobs. Please review note 1587759 - Duplicate Records in InfoCube Dimensions

Unused Entries in InfoCube Dimension

When data is deleted from an InfoCube (deletioned of requets, selective deletion), the dimension tables are not adapted (nothing is deleted). This normaly makes sense since it can be assumed that transaction data with the same combination of matser data values probably will be loaded again in the future. If yes, the performance of the loading process is improved since it is not necessary to create new DIMIDs. See also notes

  • 1978286 - Cleaning up BW InfoCube dimension tables
  • 2228499 - Checklist for Pruning Issues

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