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This WIKI gives a link of the SAP BW tables for BEx queries. This becomes very useful for multiple analysis.


Most of the times, we are confused while debugging any query for getting where used list, for writing codes where query relations need to be required. We always think if we know the relation between them, our work is done.
 This linking of the SAP BW tables help to meet multiple requirements.Some of which are:

  • Find Where Used List
  • Find List of queries restricted on the particualr value
  • Find the queries list where selection is used etc.

This can be obtained by using the relationship as shown in the diagram below:


List of Important Query Related Tables

RSZELTTXT        Texts of reporting component elements 
RSZELTXREF       Directory of query element references 
RSRREPDIR        Directory of all reports 
RSZCOMPDIR       Directory of reporting components
RSZELTDIR        Directory of the reporting component elements
RSZELTDIR        Directory of the reporting component elements
RSZRANGE         Selection specification for an element 
RSZSELECT        Selection properties of an element 
RSZCOMPIC        Assignment reuseable component <-> InfoCube
RSZCALC            Definition of a formula element 
RSZCEL              Query Designer: Directory of Cells
RSZELTPRIO       Priorities with element collisions
RSZGLOBV          Global Variables in Reporting
RSZELTATTR       Attribute selection per dimension element
RSZCHANGES       Change history of reporting components
RSZELTPROP       Element properties (settings)

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