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  • Report RSCDS_NULLELIM - Delete fact table rows where all Key Figure values are zero
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The purpose of this page is to clarify the understanding of the program RSCDS_NULLELIM


The program :RSCDS_NULLELIM and has five input parameters:

INFOCUBE:The name of the InfoCube containing the zero values to be deleted.
PACKSIZE:The number of data records read after which a database commit should occur (default value = 10000).
NO_BASIS:If this indicator is set, zero values are only deleted in the aggregates. They are not deleted in the BasicCube.
SHOW_REP:If this indicator is set, the report generated to delete zero values is displayed before it is executed.
SIMULATE:If this indicator is set, no data is deleted. However, all data is read and a log is created

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