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  • Report RSDG_CUBE_DELETE - Deleting InfoCubes
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The purpose of this page is to clarify the understanding of the program RSDG_CUBE_DELETE.


With report RSDG_CUBE_DELETE you can delete InfoCubes.

How to use it?

Call transaction SE38  with program RSDG_CUBE_DELETE.


InfoCube: Choice of Type
All Types
Selection (of Cubes)

A          Aggregate Cube
B          Standard InfoCube
H          HybridProvider
R          Remote InfoCube (-> Cube Subtype)
M         MultiProvider (-> TLOGO MPRO!)
P          Append
V          Virtual InfoProvider

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Notes describing and correcting program RSDG_CUBE_DELETE are below:

1866539  Extending SAP clean-up report for 9A* active BI objects
1789036  SP30:Error 'TK425' while deactivating an existing aggregate
1690513  SP08: Prerequisite note - InfoCube conversion
1437301  BW after-import: Improvements (Err handling, parallel procg)
1641397  Activating many Aggregates simultaneously leads to log error
637390  Possible loss of data after transport of planning areas
538472  InfoCube deletion request hangs in method execution