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  • Report RSSM_SET_REPAIR_FULL_FLAG - Set Repair Indicator for Full Requests
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The purpose of this page is to clarify the understanding of the program RSSM_SET_REPAIR_FULL_FLAG.


With report RSSM_SET_REPAIR_FULL_FLAG you can flag a request as full repair request. Delta loads are not possible after a FULL load into a DSO unless the full load is marked as repair request.

In order to run delta the request needs to be converted into a repair full load using, either this standard ABAP program or setting the repair flag in the info package ahead.

The full repair flag can also be set through Infopackage menu --> Scheduler --> Repair Full request --> check the check box.
If full loads are already present a conversion with the report is required .

How to use it?

Use Program : RSSM_SET_REPAIR_FULL_FLAG to convert Full loads to Repair Full.


1. Call transaction SE38 and provide program name RSSM_SET_REPAIR_FULL_FLAG and execute.

Call transaction SE38  with program RRHI_HIERARCHY_ACTIVATE.  


Select the DSO (InfoCube is misleading)
Source system

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