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The report SAP_DROP_TMPTABLES should not be scheduled frequently (not daily or more frequent).

Is is intended for cleanups after special situations such as software upgrades, support packages implementations etc...

The report SAP_DROP_TMPTABLES has been further enhanced in SAP Note 2475675.


The purpose of this page is to clarify the understanding of the program SAP_DROP_TMPTABLES.


With report SAP_DROP_TMPTABLES you can remove temporary objects.

There are DB objects such as tables, views, triggers and so on that have the /BI0/0 name prefix. These objects you can’t find in the ABAP Dictionary.

Those tables outside of the ABAP Dictionary are for performance reasons or because they cannot be defined there (as stored procedures or triggers).

All these objects have names that start with /BI0/0... followed by a number for the object type and an eight digit identification.  

Caution: See SAP Note 1139396

“The SAP_DROP_TMPTABLES report deletes all objects (except for the temporary hierarchy tables) without taking into account whether or not they are still in use. This can result in terminations of queries, compression and data extraction, for example, if these are running simultaneously.
If temporary objects prove to be inconsistent under DB02, you must execute report SAP_UPDATE_DBDIFF once. If you use the DB02 once again afterwards, you must make sure that the system updates the results. The report copies information about differences between definitions in the ABAP DDIC and in the DB catalog to table DBDIFF. DB02 includes the table when checking for inconsistencies.”

How to activate it?

Run transaction SE38  with program SAP_DROP_TMPTABLES  

Select the respective checkboxes.

Execute (choose F8)


The following objects can be deleted:

  • Temporary Tables (Type 01/0P)
  • Temporary Views (Type 03/07)
  • Temporary Hierarchy Table (Type 02/08)
  • Temporary SID Tables (06)
  • Generated Temporary Reports  

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