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Thr purpose of this page is to document what BW API is used for the BW Import Connection and what support tool can be used for troubleshooting it.

While creating a BW Import Connection in the SAC system, activate the BW user in transaction RSTT for tracing:

In SAC now start the creation of the Connection (Import or Aquire Data - to the SAP BW). See also the SAP Analytics Cloud Support Matrix for Importing Data from SAP NetWeaver BW) for supported features.

After entering the application server and other BW connection information, the first RSTT trace loggin can be observed:

After saving the connection a model can be created using this connection.

When now searching with the prefix 'NR' for queries in the backend system for the query:

a new session is opened and another RSTT trace is created where this search call can be observed:

When then the Query NR_ADSO_Q1 is selected for the model creation, another session and RSTT trace log this call:

Metadata of the query is retrieved to display the elements of this query in the SAC Modeler:

For this model now the data from the query is imported and another RSTT trace is logged. It actually contains a BICS_PROV_GET_RESULT_SET call which fetches actually query transaction data.

In the final model the successful import job is displayed.


From now on when SAC Stories are created on top of this model, no more RSTT traces are recorded.

This is because the data is now available in the SAC server the stories retrieve the data from this imported data.

Only of the the data is reimported or metadata of the model is refreshed, another RSTT trace would be visible.

Performance or wrong data problems can best be troubleshooted by recording an RSTT Traace!



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