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The purpose of this page is to clarify the understanding of SID generation during activation of DataStore (DSO) requests.


The topics covered here include what happens during the SID generation phase, as well as typical errors that can occur.

Some troubleshooting steps & possible solutions are offered for these known errors.

What happens during the SID generation ?

  • Records are selected from the activation queue
  • The selected records are used to build SID data packages. Each of the SID data packages 
    •   contains characteristic values for one InfoObject
    •   has a predefined maximum size of 10.000 characteristic values
    •   is processed either serially or in parallel according to the settings for the activation
  • Missing SID values lead to
    •     the creation of SID values, if the DTP option “Further processing without master data" is set
    •     error messages in the monitor, if the DTP option “No Further processing without Master data” is set

Typical Errors that occur during SID generation

  • BRAIN070:
    • No SID found for value '...' of characteristic ...
  • BRAIN060, BRAIN290:
    • Value '...' (hex. '...') of characteristic ... contains invalid characters.

Possible Solutions for 'No SID found for value .... of characteristic' (BRAIN070)

  • Compare with values in SID table
  • There is an Important DTP setting, "Type of Data Update to Data Targets"
    • If you set this indicator, the system terminates activation if master data is missing and produces an error message.
    • If you do not set this indicator, the system generates any missing SID values during activation.

Possible Solutions for Issues with invalid characters, such as BRAIN 290

  • Check the Hex value - use SAP Note 173241.
  • Check if lowercase letters are allowed for the mentioned InfoObject in tcode RSD1.
  • You have 3 options to correct the data:
  1. Correct the Data in the source system
  2. Correct the data in the PSA
  3. Write a routine to catch the incorrect characters

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