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SAP Support Guideline: BC-TRX-BIA

Why this page

Most problems reported in SAP incidents are not caused by an program error. They rather evolve from the complexity of the application and can often be solved by changing stettings or definitions. This page should help you to solve issues by your own or get faster a solution from the support, respectivelly. It addresses the following points:

  • Is the chosen component the right one?
  • Which background information is important, what can be checked?
  • List of common problems and FAQs.
  • List of the most important coding corrections for this component.
  • What does the SAP Support team need ?
Is this component the correct one ?

If problems occur in the BWA-server, the component BC-TRX-BIA is the correct one. BWA-indexing-, Rollup- and Changerun-issues where the BW-system is involved need to be checked from BW-side first using the component BW-BEX-OT-BIA. BW-queries displaying wrong data using BWA-indexes also belong to component BW-BEX-OT-BIA.

Check List & Background Information


Information for Support

If the BWA-performance is bad, then please follow the steps described in note 1871088 and provide the load-history according to point 2 in this note.
If a TREX-service crashes, we require the backtrace of the core-file as explained in note 1316629.

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