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SAP Support Guideline: BW-BEX-OT


Why this page

Most problems reported in SAP incidents are not caused by an program error. They rather evolve from the complexity of the application and can often be solved by changing stettings or definitions. This page should help you to solve issues by your own or to faster get a solution from the support, respectivelly. It addresses the following points:

  • Is the chosen component the right one?
  • Which background information is important, what can be checked?
  • List of common problems and FAQs.
  • List of the most important coding corrections for this component.
  • What does the SAP Support team need?
Is this component the correct one ?

Please choose a more specific component if possible. On wiki page you can find lots of information to many topics in the area of OT. There you can also find the corresponding SAP component.

  • In case a provider returns unexpected values in transaction LISTCUBE please choose one of the following components
  • In case transaction LISTCUBE delivers correct results but the numbers in a query are unexpected, please choose component
  • Further important sub components are
Check List & Background Information
  • In case a query is affected please note the following
    • Please follow the instructions of note 1591837 in order to analyze BW queries.
    • There is a comprehensive consulting note 1151957 about important basic concepts of the OLAP Engine. 
    • For performance issue, check review note 1681396, for memory issues review note 1967896.
  • OT WIKI page:
  • If you get a dump with application component as BW-BEX-OT, please check whether note 2040008 is relevant.
Important Current Coding Corrections
  • 1949273 Important SAP Notes for SAP BW 7.40, powered by SAP HANA
  • 2056106 InfoObject 0IOBJNM not active after installation of NW 7.40 SR2 or BW 7.40 SP08

The following notes contain the most important BW corrections you should implement after upgarde to the support packages 9 or 10, respectively:

  • 2070452 SAPBWNews BW 7.40 ABAP SP 10
  • 2030800 SAPBWNews BW 7.40 ABAP SP 09

 In addition we recommend to check the points given below:

  • To setup Embedded Analytics in S4HANA: Note 2289865: Configuration steps for S/4 HANA Analytics. Some tips in: BW Configuration Steps for Embedded Analytics 
  • The RSCHAVL change in 7.4 SPS2 (Note 1823174 - BW 7.4 changes and customer-specific programs) requires BI_CONT update to compatible SP (see Note 1853775 - Errors when using BI Content 7.47 SP04 on SAP BW 7.40 SP02), read more in Tips for Note 1823174
  • 2074801 Dumps and Issues with special InfoObjects like 0FISCYEAR, 0CALMONTH... (After upgrade to 740, always check and make sure all time characteristics are activated exactly as content version. Important!)
Information for Support

In case you need to open a SAP incident and the issue affects a query, please create a simple sample query and provide the information listed in note 1904869.

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