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SAP Support Guideline: BW-BEX-OT-BIA

Why this page

Most problems reported in SAP incidents are not caused by an program error. They rather evolve from the complexity of the application and can often be solved by changing stettings or definitions. This page should help you to solve issues by your own or get faster a solution from the support, respectivelly. It addresses the following points:

  • Is the chosen component the right one?
  • Which background information is important, what can be checked?
  • List of common problems and FAQs.
  • List of the most important coding corrections for this component.
  • What does the SAP Support team need ?
Is this component the correct one ?

If queries which use the BWA display unexpected results , BW-BEX-OT-BIA is the correct component. Note 1789331 describes the steps on how to check the following points:

  • Is the query using the BWA?
  • Is the query result correct if the query does not use the BWA?

BWA-indexing-, Rollup- and Changerun-issues where the BW-system is involved also belong to the component BW-BEX-OT-BIA. Problems which occur in the BWA-server belong to the component BC-TRX-BIA.

Check List & Background Information
Important Current Coding Corrections
  • 1895730 Parallel Indexing processes rarely terminates due to lock
  • 1803941 Warning instead of error message during TREX sparse check
Information for Support

In case a BW-query displays incorrect data with BWA and you need to open a SAP incident, please create a simple example-query and provide the information listed in note 1904869

  • The technical name of the BW-query, the relevant selection-values and navigation-steps required for reproducing the problem
  • The logon-data of a support-user

Additionally please provide a listcube-report which tremendously simplifies the analysis. The steps on how to create a listcube-report are described in note 2055174. Simply provide the technical name of the report and the variant.

If a BWA-process (indexing-job, rollup, changerun, masterdata-daemon) is causing some problems, then please provide the following information:

  • technical name of the relevant sm37-job
  • date & time of the job 
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