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SAP Support Guideline: BW-BEX-OT-OLAP 

Why this page

Most problems reported in SAP incidents are not caused by an program error. They rather involve from the complexity of the application and can often be solved by changing settings or definitions. This page should help you to solve issues by your own or get faster a solution from the support, respectively. It addresses the following points:

  • Is the chosen component the right one?
  • Which background information is important, what can be checked?
  • List of common problems and FAQs
  • List of the most important coding corrections for this component
  • What does the SAP Support team need ?
Is this component the correct one ?

This component should be used if the issue can be replicated in the transaction RSRT, please see note 1591837. There are the following subcomponents (in case the assignment is not clear, please use just BW-BEX-OT-OLAP)

Check List & Background Information
  • Please follow the instructions of note 1591837 in order to analyze BW queries
  • There is a comprehensive consulting note 1151957 about important basic concepts of the OLAP Engine  
  • For performance issue, check as per Note 1681396, for memory issues please review note 1967896.
  • WIKI page:
Important Current Coding Corrections
  • 2618599 Multiplied data in a Query on top of a CompositeProvider with multiple joins and ambiguities

  • 2623524 A Query with ambiguous Join delivers wrong data

  • 2477110 No data or incorrect data during access to master data provider
  • 2411516  Hierarchy filter with key-based processed hierarchy for characteristic with SIDRET set (Wrong data for key based hierarchy, such as CDS hierarchy)
  • 2476282 Incorrect amount decimal in a query built on HCPR using HANA view for currency JPY, HUF etc
  • 2129639 Failure in BW: CL_RSDRC_TREX_QUERY_LAYER: error creating index (Please make sure this note is applied if you are using 740SP8 above without HANA/BWA)
  • 2131299 Query is generated differently (flip-flop) each time, or RSADMIN parameter can't always take effect.

In case of wrong query results, please check/implement the corrections listed in the following collective notes (depending on the release and support package used):

  • 2321910 BW queries with restricted key figures displaying wrong data 

For zero suppression issues:

  • 2205015 - Collective zero suppression fixes and open issues

Please don't deimplement big OLAP notes because it may cause code inconsistency if handled improperly. See below for more information:

  • 1731244 Implementation/deimplementation of advance corrections in SAP Notes
Information for Support

In case you need to report an incident, please create a simple sample query and provide the information listed in note 1904869

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